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Daily Archives: March 11, 2021

Apple rejected Parler entry in the AppStore again

Despite being removed from the main virtual application stores and also being expelled from Amazon’s servers, the social network Parler continues to try to regain its place on the main digital platforms. In this way, the company made a new attempt to return to the

RTX 3060: Chinese miners double crypto ‘mining speed’

A group of Chinese programmers claimed to have been able to “unlock” the RTX 3060 to reach a 50 MH / s hashrate, doubling the GPU’s expected performance. Miners say they have created a mod that manages to outperform the performance that was regulated by

US Army tests glasses that can “see” through walls

The US army is testing new equipment that promises to give soldiers “superpowers”. It is a goggle that will enable a person to see in totally dark environments, have aerial vision – without taking their feet off the ground – and the ability to see