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Taco Bell’s GIF is being resold as an NFT digital asset for $18,000

Taco Bell, an international fast food franchise, has also entered the wave of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. This past Monday (08), the company launched five series of collectible digital arts of tacos and burritos. All copies were purchased in just 30 minutes and for less than $2. However, some GIFs are already being resold for more than $18,000.

Each of the arts, which ranged from GIFs to a static image, has five copies, totaling a set of 25 NFTs that were sold for an almost symbolic price of just 0.001 ether (ETH), approximately $1.80. All tokens have been purchased and are already being resold at much higher prices.

Regardless of the owners putting their club tokens up for sale, any user of the platform can bid for the piece. Some of them already reach 2 ETH, or about US $3,700.

Traded through the Rarible NFT marketplace, Taco Bell’s digital arts quickly appreciated. This Tuesday (9th), for example, the first edition of one of the arts, the static image called “Transformative Tacos”, has already been resold several times and now its owner orders 11 ETH, more than US $ 20 thousand, for the piece .

Even after selling the arts originally for minimum prices, Taco Bell receives 0.01% of the value of each new transaction. That is, as the tokens are increasingly resold at higher prices, the corporation will receive a small percentage.

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