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Robotic ‘dog’ spotted in SpaceX rocket wreckage

The latest altitude test on a Starship rocket prototype was an authentic ‘roller coaster’ of emotions. After rising almost 10km, the SN10 performed a series of aerial maneuvers and managed to land successfully, a feat given that the previous prototypes exploded in the landing process.

Unfortunately, the SN10 ended up exploding about 10 minutes later, which made it necessary for a cleaning team to remove the debris from the base. However, at this stage it was already possible to circulate with greater proximity, which meant that some photographers could see a well-known robotic dog wandering around the area.

This is Spot, a robot created by Boston Dynamics and which (apparently) had the task of inspecting the SN10’s wreckage. As Business Insider says, SpaceX gave the name Zeus to this robot, used to prevent human workers from approaching potentially dangerous debris.

You can see below the videos captured at the moment.

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