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Tesla is expected to continue to be the ‘king’ of eletric vehicles even with rivals, analysts say

A team of UBS analysts believes that a Tesla will continue to be the leader in the electric car segment for years to come, even as more and more competitors arrive.

The analysts in question believe that, in 2025, a Tesla and a Volkswagen will be the two main manufacturers of electric cars on the market. However, it is believed that Elon Musk’s company will continue to be more profitable and, in that year alone, Tesla will be able to sell 2.3 million vehicles and achieve an operating profit of 20 billion dollars.

Volkswagen, on the other hand, should be able to sell 2.6 million vehicles and have an operating profit of ‘just’ $ 7 billion, says Business Insider.

Despite the optimism about Tesla, it seems that not everyone believes that the company will have a constant path in the near future. Former member of the company’s board of directors, Steve Westly, told CNBC that “Tesla will not be a leader in electric [vehicles] forever” and believes that it will have competition from all the sides.

In addition to General Motors and Volkswagen, Westly also cited luxury brands such as Porsche as well as some Chinese companies that emerged such as Nio and Li Auto.

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