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Huawei to start producing electric cars in 2021 to overcome U.S government sanctions

Reuters is moving forward with the news that Huawei may start producing electric vehicles by the end of the year, an initiative carried out in order to diversify its products portfolio.

Huawei has been affected by sanctions imposed by the US with respect to the smartphone market, a situation that is leading the Chinese company to consider entering new markets.

The publication indicates that Huawei has already started to approach suppliers and production partners, with negotiations with companies like Changan Automobile, owned by the Chinese government. Huawei’s goal is believed to be to create affordable electric vehicles.

In reaction, a Huawei spokesman denied plans that the company will produce electric vehicles, saying “Huawei is not a car manufacturer”. Still, the same spokesman indicated that the company “wants to be digitally oriented towards cars and help manufacturers build better vehicles”.

If this bet is confirmed, it will be interesting to see what Huawei presents. The giant has achieved a unique adaptation and has been able to reinvent itself with new proposals that go beyond smartphones. Proof of this are its proposals in the field of notebooks and even audio.

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