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UK economy has the biggest drop in 300 years due to the Covid pandemic

The UK is facing its worst recession since the extraordinarily cold winter that hit the region in 1709, when the American colonies were still British and Benjamin Franklin was just 3 years old. The crisis is basically reflected in all sectors. To try to reverse the scenario, the country now tries to rely on recovery policies, even so, any change in the sector takes time and, until then, there is much to be done.

While the US economy shrank 3.5% last year, the UK economy contracted almost 10% and economists believe it will take longer than expected for the country to recover. And the prediction of the professionals may be true. In one of the wealthy neighborhoods close to central London, there are high-fashion shops and homes selling for tens of millions of dollars, countless residents, who once belonged to the middle class, now survive thanks to groceries and meals that are donated by banks of food.

“Not even in my wildest dreams did I think I would depend on a food bank to survive. Especially me, who used to give people money on the streets…”, said Jane Austin, a chef who worked in luxury environments before the pandemic arrived. Currently, the professional needs to choose between paying for the heating of her apartment or buying food. “I, every day, feel ashamed. Yes, it’s true, I’m being honest. After all, this is one of the lowest points I have experienced in my entire life. I never thought I would live to order food… ”, said Austin.

“A food bank installed in one of the wealthiest areas of London is not irony, it is reality. In order not to demystify the situation, everything we are experiencing is absolutely horrible. I have paid taxes my whole life and that is what I am getting… We need more help ”, revealed the chef.

For the economist Miatta Fahnbulleh, the British government’s slow response to the pandemic, along with Brexit, created a perfect economic storm. “There are families that literally cannot feed their children. And as we see more and more similar situations, we end up having the feeling that our government has been decieving and disappointing us and this is unacceptable” , said Fahnbulleh.

The United Nations International Emergency Fund for Children – UNICEF – helped to feed British children for the first time in 2020.

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