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Android 12 will bring a compact mode for big screen phones

The first rumors about Android 12 keep coming: the latest information indicates that Google is working in a compact mode for its operating system. The function is ideal for mobile phones with a large screen, as it changes the layout of elements such as apps and menus to facilitate use with just one hand.

The feature would not be exactly a novelty, since it has been available for some time in several models due to customizations from manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, Asus and Xiaomi.

According to the XDA Developers website, one-handed use will be included in the Android Open Source Project, which indicates that any company that uses AOSP on their smartphones will be able to access the feature. It is not known, however, whether Google will make its version mandatory for all devices with Android 12.

In addition, there is still no demonstration of how Google’s compact mode will work, but it is expected to look like most features of this type developed by other companies – that is, to reduce the screen to one of the bottom corners of the screen. It is also known that the reduction will be 40%.

If the information is confirmed, it will be possible to use the compact mode with the three navigation buttons or with gestures. In fact, the path to the configuration of the resource must be in “Settings”> “System”> “Gestures”> “With one hand”.

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