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A mysterious entity bought 20 thousand bitcoin mining machines

Russia received the largest import of bitcoin mining machines (BTC) in history in December 2020. There were 20,000 units of the equipment purchased for an estimated $ 40-60 million by an unknown company in Siberia. The information was revealed on Wednesday (10) by the Russian portal Kommersant.

In the report, Igor Runets, the CEO of the data center ButRiver (the type of data processing company that usually extracts cryptography), explained that 14 trucks were used to deliver 20,000 bitcoin mining machines to Russia’s Irkutsk region. The equipment together has 70 MW (megawatts) of capacity.

The mining machines all came from Asia and were specifically destined for the Russian city called Bratsk. However, Runets declined to say more details about the manufacturer, the models of the equipment and who the recipient is. The buyer was not revealed because it is a highly confidential data processing center.

However, another Kommersant interviewee, Sergey Troshin of Sweden’s Six-Nines data center, said it was most likely an order for modern bitcoin mining ASICs. This type of machine is composed of powerful data processing hardware and is dedicated exclusively to a pre-established activity in the system.

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