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Facebook is developing a new smartwatch based on Android infrastructure

Facebook has not given up on producing hardware. Although all initiatives in this area have shown little fruit until today, the company would aim to produce a smart watch, which may be launched in 2022.

The watch would be able to dispense the need to take your phone out of your pocket for some functions, such as messaging. In addition, the device should be able to provide resources for health monitoring and exercise.

The smart watch is expected to run on Android, although it is unclear whether it will use Google’s Wear OS, as Facebook is trying to build its own operating system for future hardware according to people with direct knowledge of the device who spoke with the news site The Information on condition of anonymity.

Facebook plans to launch the first version of its smartwatch next year, with plans for a second generation as early as 2023. Although the report did not go into details about prices, the text states that “Facebook is expected to sell its watch close to the cost of production”, which is a tactic the company used with its Oculus virtual reality headsets.

According to The Information, Facebook’s chief technology officer, Mike Schroepfer, said at a general meeting for employees in December that the company planned to continue investing in hardware and increase its investment in wearable devices. The smartwatch would join Facebook’s growing hardware ecosystem, which includes its Oculus VR headsets and Portal video streaming devices, along with several projects the company is reportedly already developing.

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