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Elon Musk : Biden administration shot down my carbon tax pitch

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX said on Joe Rogan poadcast that was released on Thursday that he pitched Joe Biden administration to create a carbon tax to try to boost and encourage a faster shift to renewable energy, but he was told that the idea was “too politically difficult”:

“I talked to the Biden administration, and they were like `Well, this seems too politically difficult.` And I was like, `Well, this is obviously a thing that should happen.` And by the way, SpaceX would be paying a carbon tax too. So I`m like, you know, I`m like, I think we should pay it too. It`s not like we shouldn`t have carbon generating things. It`s just that there`s got to be a price on this stuff,”

Musk also said that he is not in favor of demonizing the oil and gas industries, because it would upset the people working in it, stop the operations and everyone would die of starvation:

“There are people who have spent their whole career in oil, and gas and they started out in that career when it didn’t seem like that bad of a thing to do. So then they’re like, ‘Hey man, I just spent my whole career working hard to do useful things, and now you’re telling me I’m the devil.’ That’s gonna make them pretty upset”

Musk also said that the market would react to these taxes and would accelerate the transition from dirt to clean:

“If we just put a price on carbon emissions, the market will react in a sensible way. But because we don`t have a price on it, it is behaving badly,”.

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