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SpaceX started preorders of starlink for $99

You can now preorder SpaceX satellite internet product Starlink, to almost any country in the world. They began a preorder on Monday that cost $99, and you can do it online on their website even if they are not yet in your country/location.

They plan to offer internet services in the United States for $99 a month plus $499 for the equipment (including the antenna). The problem is that these values ​​do not cover the costs of the service. On the other hand, if SpaceX charges much higher prices when the service officially launches, it may not attract as many customers as expected.

This is a complex problem. Satellite internet is an extremely expensive service, as the SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said, SpaceX has to deal with several costs: building satellites, launching rockets, developing the system, operating base, and so on.

Starlink currently offers connections averaging 100 Mb / s (megabits per second) in the beta program. Even though some participants have already registered rates ranging between 170 and 210 Mb / s.

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