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Toyota acquires Lyft autonomous car unit for $550 million

Toyota acquires Lyft autonomous car unit for $550 million

One of Uber’s biggest rivals, Lyft, announced the sale of its autonomous driving development division – Level 5 – to Toyota. Level 5 will now be integrated into Toyota’s Woven Planet subsidiary. The acquisition will cost Toyota a total of $550 million. The Japanese company

Ford executive criticizes Tesla’s autonomous mode

Ford does not seem to be convinced of Tesla’s autonomous driving system, with one of the company’s executives considering it to be “vaporware”. This term is used to classify products/services advertised but which never reach the market. The Ford executive in question was responsible for

Elon Musk: Tesla autonomous mode is getting “mature”

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that the company is ready to make the beta version of the 100% autonomous Full Self-Driving mode available to more drivers of its vehicles. Musk indicated that version 8.2 allowed Tesla to double the number of