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HP launches 4K webcam controlled by AI

HP has launched a new 4K webcam with autofocus and controlled by artificial intelligence to keep the user always in focus and centralized in calls. Another very useful feature of the HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam is HP Presence, equivalent to Apple’s Center Stage feature,

Twitch platform

Number of hours spent on Twitch doubled in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic made that more hours were spent at home enjoying streaming services, and, among them, Twitch seems to have been one of the big beneficiaries. According to the Streamlabs report, the number of hours spent on Twitch has more than doubled compared to

Twitch HQ

Twitch is going to ban users for misconduct off the platform

Twitch announced on Wednesday (7) that it will start to punish cases of misconduct off the platform. This means that users’ behavior on other social networks may be taken into account during whistleblowing investigations. Bans, however, only happen if infractions start on the website and