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Huawei blames US government for components scarcity problem

Huawei blames US government for components scarcity problem

There is less and less hope that the problem of components scarcity will be solved in the short and medium term. Several of the world’s largest manufacturers have already assumed that the outlook is not at all easy. Huawei blames US government for components scarcity

Biden prepares first major tax increase since 1993

Unlike the $1.9 billion covid-19 stimulus law, the next move, which is expected to be even bigger, will not depend solely on government debt as a source of funding. While it is increasingly clear that tax increases will be a component – Treasury Secretary Janet

Biden administration is preparing a new $3 trillion package

Advisers of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, are preparing a $3 trillion plan to stimulate the economy in the long run. The package includes measures to combat climate change and alleviate inequality in the country, in addition to a series of infrastructure

Biden administration impose new limits on Huawei suppliers

Since 2019, Huawei has been ‘attacked’ by U.S. exports sanctions and limitations, and apparently it’s not with the Biden administration’s entry on the scene that the situation will improve for the Chinese company. Reuters says the Biden administration has further strengthened some of Huawei’s supplier