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New Netflix ad-supported plan

Netflix upcoming ad-supported plan could cost anywhere from $7 to $9 per month, according to a Bloomberg report published over the weekend. For comparison, the streaming service offers a basic single-screen plan in the U.S. for $9.99 per month, while its most popular plan, which offers

Twitter is creating a tip button to monetize copyrighted content

Twitter is creating a tip button to monetize copyrighted content

Like other social networks that work with monetization strategies for copyrighted content, Twitter is looking into allowing users to tip profiles that make posst and popular creators. That’s what app researcher Jane Manchun Won says. Patreon, Venmo and Twitch already offer resources in this regard.

International Olympic Committee announces virtual sports event

In a statement, the IOC explains that the event will bring together “video game enthusiasts from around the world who become part of the Olympic Movement audience while promoting the development of physical and non-physical sport, in accordance with the recommendations of the Olympic Agenda

38-year-old TikTok founder Zhang Yiming targets a $60 billions fortune

Last year, ByteDance, the world’s most valuable startup, was under pressure from all sides. Donald Trump’s government wanted the Chinese company, which owns the video sharing platform TikTok, to sell assets. The Chinese government increased vigilance over technology companies, and India has blocked some of

Clubhouse app

Clubhouse may be released to Android in May

Clubhouse app is one of the great sensations of this early 2021, but, unfortunately, it has remained an exclusive iOS app until now. Well, it looks like the situation may be about to change. Clubhouse may be released to Android in May (Image: DW) It

Twitch platform

Number of hours spent on Twitch doubled in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic made that more hours were spent at home enjoying streaming services, and, among them, Twitch seems to have been one of the big beneficiaries. According to the Streamlabs report, the number of hours spent on Twitch has more than doubled compared to

SpaceX loses $1,000 on each Starlink internet antenna

Despite charging $499 for a Starlink antenna, SpaceX still loses approximately $1,000 in the sale of each unit of equipment. The company’s president, Gwynne Shotwell revealed, on Tuesday (06), that initially $3 thousand were spent on the production of each antenna, it decreased to $1,500


The end of an era. Yahoo answers will end in May 4th

Yahoo announced that its question and answer platform – Yahoo Answers – will be shut down on May 4. The platform will no longer accept new questions from April 20, and users will only have until June 30 to download the content they have published.