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Bitcoin SV has been destroyed with successive 51% attacks

Bitcoin SV has been destroyed with successive 51% attacks

Successive 51% attacks on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) network have been destroying the cryptocurrency. In the 7 August morning, as a result of a cyberattack onslaught the day before, the system was compromised again, drawing the attention of the community and exchanges. “FARUM has identified

Investigators found data vulnerability in Apple AirDrop

Although Apple belongs to the group of giant companies, something is missing when it comes to security. It is possible for hackers to be able to access AirDrop data and steal users’ phone numbers and email addresses. This issue has been known since 2019 and

New Android malware disguises itself as a system update

A new malware for Android that is in circulation pretends to be an important resource for the system, but in fact it can steal all your data and still remotely control the device. The threat was identified by the digital security company Zimperium, which studied

Telegram creator says : delete whatsapp as soon as possible

Pavel Durov, creator of Telegram, told his 335,000 followers on the app that they should “delete WhatsApp”. A newly discovered flaw in the app allows evildoers to use a modified video file (with MP4 extension) to capture messages and files on victims’ phones. “Unless you