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“I don't see reasons to not keep Bitcoin for 100 years,” says Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor compares buying Dogecoin to gambling at Las Vegas

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is undoubtedly one of the biggest proponents of the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. But now in an interview with NorthmanTrader’s Sven Henrich, he didn’t talk about it, instead he drew parallels between buying Dogecoin and playing Russian roulette in Las Vegas. The

Mia Khalifa has already profited 1.139% with Dogecoin this year

Mia Khalifa has already profited 669% with Dogecoin this year

Model and former adult content actress Mia Khalifa announced on her Twitter profile on January 29 this year that she couldn’t resist buying Dogecoin. At the time, Khalifa implied that her decision was motivated by the constant recommendations of the businessman Elon Musk. Although Khalifa