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Parler sues Amazon for ‘millionaire damage’ in breach of contract

Parler is a social network focused on ensuring users “freedom of expression”. Since the start of operations, it has mainly attracted conservative communities that have been undermined or underrepresented on other platforms. Currently, after a month offline, it has returned to the air with limited

Amazon is developing a new digital currency

Amazon is working on a new project to develop its own digital currency. According to recent posts on Amazon Jobs, a platform that advertises job openings, software development engineers and managers are being hired to develop a new payments product. According to the announcements, Amazon

Tesla rival Rivian is preparing for an IPO

The American electric car maker plans to go public in September and seek a $ 50 billion valuation. For that, they will have to overcome big obstacles. Among them, the fact that it has not yet delivered any units Tesla tends to dominate conversations about