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Airbnb may implement bitcoin and cryptocurrencies payments in 2022

Airbnb may soon accept payments with Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies after all, the option to pay with cryptocurrencies is what many Airbnb customers want to see established in 2022 after CEO Brian Chesky asked his Twitter followers in what the accommodation app should focus this year.

Airbnb may implement bitcoin and cryptocurrencies payments in 2022

Airbnb may implement bitcoin and cryptocurrencies payments in 2022

So while suggestions like clear price displays, guest loyalty program, and more long-term stays and discounts proved popular, the advent of cryptocurrency payment options ranked as the number one idea out of 4,000 suggestions.

Therefore, Chesky noted that users’ suggestion that Airbnb accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment is being taken into consideration by the app’s team and may soon become a reality.

Airbnb currently accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa and Mastercard, with the latter two having already ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies.

This isn’t the first time that Chesky’s has opened up about Airbnb’s apparent willingness to delve deeper into cryptocurrency payments.

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So, about two months ago, he stated that the company was investigating the matter, in an interview with The Verge.

“We are definitely investigating this. Like the travel revolution, there is clearly a revolution happening in payment methods and Airbnb and cryptocurrencies have interesting relationships with trust.”

While Airbnb is starting its journey to integrate cryptocurrency as a payment option for renting homes and apartments, DTravel, a decentralized home-sharing platform, made that leap in 2021.

Backed by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, the platform is integrated into the website and is managed by users who hold the DTravel (TRVL) token.

With a global network of 20,000 homes, DTravel said customers can use the cryptocurrency to book 250,000 homes with the TRL token listed on exchanges including MEXC Global, Bybit, Gate and KuCoin.

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