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US resident sues Bitcoin mining farm over noise

A resident of Limestone, Tennessee (USA), is suing a bitcoin mining farm that operates next to her property. According to her, the noises caused by the company next door prevent her from enjoying the property.

US resident sues Bitcoin mining farm over noise

US resident sues Bitcoin mining farm over noise

According to information from the WJHL portal, which obtained the public records of the legal dispute, the resident is seeking financial compensation in a civil suit for the inconvenience caused by the mining.

But this is just one of the problems that Red Dog, the company responsible for the farm, faces in that part of the state of Tennessee.

The county has already ordered the operation to be stopped, claiming it is being carried out in an area where this is not allowed. However, according to the report of the local vehicle, mining continues to be carried out.

The Red Dog lawyer even said in one of the documents sent to court that mining takes place with maximum capacity between 8 pm and 2 pm on weekdays and all weekend, starting at 8 pm on Friday.

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From court documentation, it is clear that Mayor Joe Grandy was hesitant to ban mining.

Server Angie Charles told him in a June 4 email to Grandy that mining in that area was not allowed under the zoning law.

Six weeks later, with no responses, Angie emailed the mayor with a copy to the county attorney general: “It is my understanding that you do not want to pursue this matter at this time, but please let me know if your position changes”.

In early October, the city then ordered the operation to be stopped.

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