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Afghanistan has looting race and banks close: “We don’t have cash”

The return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan on Sunday (15) made the population run to banks to try to withdraw money from their accounts and flee the country.

Afghanistan has looting race and banks close: “We don't have cash”

Afghanistan has looting race and banks close: “We don’t have cash”

According to Al Jazeera, hundreds of residents of the capital Kabul have crowded outside the banks to try to recover deposited funds. However, many were denied access due to lack of money and officials asked people to come back at another time.

According to the report, police officer Abdul Mossawer, 32, complained about the delay to the agency, saying that bank workers had repeatedly left to give different justifications for the delay.

BBC journalist Sana Safi reported that those who went to try to withdraw some money on Sunday were told that the institution’s manager had left the post and there could be a break in services.

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“Is your money in the bank? Then it’s not yours.
Afghanistan is just the latest crisis to illustrate the critical value of custodying your family’s savings.,” tweeted Alex Gladstein, director of strategy for the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a non-profit organization that fights for human rights.

Gladstein is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and defends the importance of bitcoin to civil liberties by allowing people to manage their finances outside the control of governments, preventing situations like the weekend view in Afghanistan.

In an interview last year, Gladstein said that bitcoin “gives people in hostile environments an opportunity to remain financially free” and should be feared by dictatorships.

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