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A proposed bill wants to allow argentines to receive salary in bitcoin

Argentine deputy José Luis Ramón presented on Tuesday (6) a bill in the Chamber of Deputies that, if approved, will allow the population of the country to receive their salaries in cryptocurrencies.

A proposed bill wants to allow argentines to receive salary in bitcoin

A proposed bill wants to allow argentines to receive salary in bitcoin

The text defends that workers in a dependent relationship in Argentina and service exporters can collect their salaries in bitcoin and other cryptoactives. If the proposal is approved in all legislative instances, the option for this form of payment will be protected by law.

“The initiative arises from the need to promote greater autonomy and governance of remuneration, without this implying loss of rights or exposure to situations of abuse within the scope of the employment relationship,” said Ramón on Twitter.

The deputy who represents the province of Mendoza in the Chamber of Deputies since 2017, defended in another message that cryptocurrencies can strengthen worker autonomy.

The project determines that it is the employee who decides whether or not he wants to receive the salary in digital assets. If he prefers, he must express to his employer his desire for this form of payment, as well as whether he intends to receive the salary in full or in part with cryptoactives.

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The employee will also have the right to choose the type of currency he wants to be remunerated, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), etc. The amount of salary paid will remain the same as agreed in Argentine pesos, but converted into cryptocurrencies on the day of payment.

As reported by the local newspaper La Nueva Mañana, the deputy’s text also responds to other laws that try to discourage dollarization in Argentina.

“This measure offers a modern mechanism for preserving the purchasing power of their remuneration, without implying their conversion into foreign currency, as Law 27.541 seeks to discourage”, says an excerpt of the bill.

Deputy Ramón also describes that the proposal will facilitate and cheapen the entry of money into the country for self-employed workers who provide services abroad.

There are other bills in Argentina related to cryptocurrencies that seek to establish a regulatory framework for the sector in the country. One of them was prepared by deputy Ignacio Torres, and the other by parliamentarians Liliana Schwindt and Marcos Cleri, who are still awaiting a vote.

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