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BMW i3 will no longer be sold in the US

BMW has announced that it will stop selling its small i3 electric car in the US as of next July, with the brand noting that last year only 1,052 units of this model were sold.

BMW i3 will no longer be sold in the US

BMW i3 will no longer be sold in the US

As The Verge says, the i3 was launched in 2013 and was BMW’s first 100% electric vehicle and was designed especially to circulate in cities. The BMW i3 began with a more modest power and battery life, but the German brand was able to compensate for these issues in future models.

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  • Even with all this, it is believed that the small i3 has been ‘victim’ of the trend that the car market has shown in recent times, with customers being more interested in large vehicles and SUVs.

    “At the time of its launch in 2013, the BMW i3 represented a pioneering moment in electric vehicles and lightweight construction,” noted a BMW spokesman in the news confirmation statement.. “Not only was the BMW i3 of the world’s first purpose-built electric vehicles, but the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum in the vehicle’s construction, made it truly unique.”

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