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Cryptocurrency exchange (Atomars) executive disappears with users money

Cryptocurrency exchange Atomars said on Wednesday (5) that the chief financial officer (CFO) of the platform disappeared with the access to users’ wallets.

Cryptocurrency exchange (Atomars) executive disappears with users money

Cryptocurrency exchange (Atomars) executive disappears with users money (Image: Atomars)

According to the statement, the exchange executive does not respond to any type of communication. In addition, he also has access to the company’s social networks, which have not published any new content since April 23.

In the comments of the publications and on Twitter, countless users complain that their withdrawals are blocked. In the statement, Atomars said it is currently working with the relevant authorities.

However, the company did not provide further details, nor did it provide a deadline to normalize the situation.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience,” said the platform without reporting the potential loss from the alleged disappearance of the CFO.

Although the statement was released on Wednesday, customer complaints began at least a week ago.

On Reddit, a user identified as Tossy Banyo said he has been using the platform for about a month. However, it is having difficulties to withdraw its cryptocurrencies, as its withdrawals are taking “an eternity”.

“After looking on the Telegram, I see that they have cut off chatting. On their Twitter, all of the people tweeting them are saying they are having the same problem I’m having.
Their google play app page says the same
On their discord, the same. I have a couple thousand on there that I am just hoping isn’t going to be gone, but I’m feeling that pit of my stomach feeling.” he explained.

On Twitter, users also reported problems making withdrawals. One of Atomars’ customers said he has not been able to withdraw for a week and support is unresponsive.

“Has anyone used or heard of atomars exchange @AtomarsExchange. Have a pending with drawl sence april 27th. And they dont answer on here or support tickets. who should i contact next to take action agenst atomars to get my money they are keeping.”, Tweeted the user.

Founded in 2019, the exchange Atomars is based in the Seychelles, an archipelago close to the east coast of Africa.

According to data from CoinGecko, the platform makes, on average, $57 million in daily transactions, that’s more than $200 billion a year, and has 147 cryptocurrencies available to customers.

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