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Clubhouse popularity may be at risk

Clubhouse is one of the most popular apps since the beginning of 2021, a fact that is leading multiple companies (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and others) to develop services capable of rivaling the platform.

Clubhouse popularity may be at risk

Clubhouse popularity may be at risk (Image: PC Mag)

Still, the latest report by analytics firm Sensor Tower indicates that Clubhouse – currently only present on iOS – has experienced a noticeable ‘drop’ in the number of downloads from February to March, hovering around 72%. While in February the Clubhouse was downloaded 9.6 million times, in March the number went up to 2.7 million.

It is too early to consider that the Clubhouse’s popularity will have passed by what we will have to wait for the numbers of more months and even for the launch of the app on Android that is set to be released in May.

With informations: The Wrap

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