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UK may compel Facebook to share users data and conversations with police

The UK parliament is considering forcing Facebook to implement backdoors to share access to messages from its chat services to the police. The “backdoors” would allow security officials to read the conversation of any of the users of WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, and use the information collected in investigations.

The UK Ministry of Interior justifies the dystopian measure by citing the relationship between the social network and its use by pedophiles – a serious problem with Zuckerberg’s social network, which has been taking steps to prevent the worst. The institution claims that the end-to-end encryption Facebook has been installing on its services ends up protecting child sexual predators and other criminal acts.

To compel Facebook to share the access of messages to the police, the Ministry would use a special measure, a technical capability notice. This feature that was introduced in 2016 after Edward Snowden’s revelations about government surveillance, regulates user data by installing an “authorized backdoor” in profiles, which is only opened with judicial authorization. With the new change, this authorization would no longer be necessary.

So far, Facebook has not responded the statements made by the Ministry of Interior. The UK government is expected to take the project to parliament in the coming months.

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