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The world fastest three-wheeled electric car company is looking for funding

The growth of the electric car market has dictated the entry of several well-known manufacturers and also of some projects of great interest to speed fans. This is the case of the Daymak Spiritus, a three-wheeled vehicle capable of going from 0 to 100km/h in less than two seconds in its Ultimate version.

The Daymak Spiritus has space for two people and is available in two versions: the Deluxe with 100 horsepower and battery with autonomy for 290km with a price of 19,995 dollars, and the Ultimate with 200 horsepower and autonomy to cover 480 km with a price fixed at 149,000 dollars.

Daymak is not yet ready to move forward with production, having launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to get enough funding to move forward with the project. You can see the photos of the Daymak Spiritus below.

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