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The EV6 is the new electric vehicle from Kia that came to compete with Tesla

Kia is not yet ready to give details about its new electric car, the EV6, but apparently it did not want to leave those interested in total ignorance about what it is preparing.

That is why the Hyundai subsidiary shared the first images of the vehicle, which, according to the brand, represents a new design philosophy for the brand.

“As Kia’s first dedicated electric vehicle, the EV6 is a demonstration of progressive human-oriented design and electrified power. We strongly believe that the EV6 is a captivating and relevant model for the new electric market. With the EV6, we aim to create a distinctive and impactful design with a combination of sophisticated and high-tech functionality with rich, pure volumes, while providing a unique space with a futuristic electric vehicle, ”said Kia’s design manager, Karim Habib.

Kia has not yet come up with a date where it will share all the technical details and pricing / launch information, but has ensured that the presentation will be still during the month of March.

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