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China releases new images of Mars

The authorities released three photographs, two of which were panchromatic, captured with a high-resolution camera, and taken from a distance of between 330 and 350 kilometers above the surface of Mars, the state television network CCTV reported.

The images show the surface of the planet and its morphology, including small craters, ridges and dunes.

The diameter of the largest crater recorded in the images is about 620 meters, added the official state news agency Xinhua.

A third color image was taken by a medium-resolution camera and captures the northern pole region of the red planet.

ANEC previously released two videos, just under a minute each, taken when Tianwen-1 entered Mars orbit after six and a half months of travel from Earth.

Tianwen-1, which integrates a landing module and a ‘rover’, is China’s first exploration mission to Mars and the first to combine travel, entry into orbit and descent into a single mission.

China may now become the third country to land a ‘rover’ on Mars, decades after the United States and the former Soviet Union.

The module plans to land next May at Utopia Planitia, in the northern hemisphere of Mars, and descend a vehicle to explore that area for three months.

The cost of the mission is estimated at around 8 billion dollars.

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