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NASA says that moon landing by 2024 is no longer a realistic target

The current NASA administrator, Steve Jurczyk, does not believe that the schedule set by the American space agency to carry out new manned missions to the Moon will be met. The information was revealed in an interview with the Arstechnica website. The initial idea was to return to the natural satellite three years from now.

“The lunar landing in 2024 may no longer be a realistic target because of the last two years, which did not guarantee adequate funding to make the 2024 deadline achievable. As a result, we are reviewing the program to find the best way possible, “he explained. Although speculation about it has already circulated, this is the first time that a senior member of the agency has confirmed that the goals set must not be met.

The government of the newly elected president, Joe Biden, has already confirmed that he approves NASA’s idea to resume manned missions to the Moon from the Artemis project, which should also take female astronauts to the natural satellite and build a suitable launch station to facilitate future missions.

Originally proposed in 2019 and approved by the Donald Trump administration, an Artemis mission is a long-term NASA project divided into three major phases. The name was not chosen by chance: it is the Greek goddess sister of Apollo, referring to the missions of the agency that culminated with the arrival on the Moon in 1969 with Apollo 11.

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