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Ford is investing $1 billion in Germany to become 100% electric

The automaker Ford announced that they are building their first infrastructure that’s 100% dedicated to manufacture electric cars. US $ 1 billion will be invested to modernize the production line and adapt it for the manufacture of vehicles that run on batteries. The factory in the German city Cologne has been in operation for 90 years and the transformation is also seen as a symbolic act of transition for the automaker. The first models are only expected to be in public in 2023.

The change in Ford’s plans in Germany is no coincidence. The European division of the automaker also made announcements regarding the focus on the electric car sector. According to the company, all cars produced on the continent in 2026 will have zero carbon emissions, whether they are hybrid or fully electric. In 2030, the idea is that even hybrids will no longer be sold in the region.

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